About Kosmetik- og hygiejnebranchen

Kosmetik- og hygiejnebranchen is the Danish Association of Cosmetics and Detergents.

The industry turns over 40 billion DKK a year and employs more than 9.000 people.


Our vision and mission

We want to be known as the industry, who contributes with well being, hygiene and makes everyday life easier for consumers and society.

In Kosmetik- og hygiejnebranchen we are working for better conditions for our members and giving them a voice.

We do that by:

  • Securing maximum influence on the Danish chemistry-, environmental- and health agenda

  • Creating access to networks, knowledge sharing, and influence

  • Distributing trustworthy knowledge, information, and guidance about the business, products, and regulations to members, consumers, media and decision-makers.

Our office is located in the old stock exchange building at Dansk Erhver, whom we work closely together with. We also work in cooperation with the two European trade organizations A.I.S.E and Cosmetics Europe, who represent the cosmetics industry and producers and distributors of washing- and cleaning supplies on a European level.

If you want to know more about the advantages you get as a member of Kosmetik- og hygiejnebranchen, you are welcome to fill out our contact form on the bottom of this page. You are also welcome to call our office on +45 7225 5779 or
+45 2689 3027.